Free Credit Report

Free Annual Credit Report

The information on your credit report can be used to determine whether or not you are able to buy a house, car, rent an apartment, obtain insurance, or qualify for other types of credit. By monitoring your credit, you'll stay on top of your finances and current credit status. You will know which businesses and credit grantors are viewing your credit report, which new accounts have been added in your name, or if any derogatory information has been added.

By checking your credit report, you can detect possible errors in your credit reporting and correct any errors that may appear.

Credit bureaus have also established a process that will help identify fraud or identity theft issues. In the case of fraud detection, you must inform creditors to immediately halt all incoming transactions.

Click here for your free annual credit report.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also has a very good website designed to educate consumers about identity theft, scams and other indepth information. Click here to learn more.


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