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Discover what many of your fellow 3M co-workers, retirees, and family members have been enjoying since 1954 by watching the video below:

Membership in Novation is open to:

  •         3M Employee or Retiree
  •         Immediate* family member of a current Novation member
  •         Community member of McLeod County, MN

The best part is Novation stays with you for life. Whether you change careers or move away, once you are a member - always a member.

Joining is easy. Simply complete a membership form, contact us by phone or visit a branch nearest you and make an initial deposit of at least $5 into a primary savings account. The $5 deposit is not a membership fee, but works as a regular deposit - it is yours to withdraw should you ever decide to discontinue your relationship with Novation.

Need to move an existing checking account to Novation? Just use the following forms to help you with notifying your employer, your creditors and your current bank; and keep track of everything you are moving:

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Become a Member

*An immediate family member is defined as a grandparent, parent, spouse, sibling, child, grandchild or roommate. In the case of roommates, a single economic unit must be maintained (i.e., pay bills together, etc.).